Multisensory Therapy

ADI uses various multisensory therapy tools and environments to stimulate the senses of the residents, helping them experience the sights, sounds and feel of the world around them.

The Snoezelen multisensory room stimulates residents’ senses, helping them experience the sights. The room’s walls and ceiling are padded in white. The floor is covered with white mattresses of varying heights and textures, including a soft mattress, hard mattress and water mattress, and special vibrating pillows. A glowing column of rising bubbles, delicate fiber optics, a crystal-colored mirror ball and a colorful slide screen provide visual and tactile stimulation. Soft music wafts through the room.

Other multisensory programs include therapeutic gardening, a sensory activity wall, darkroom, and mobile multisensory device kit.

Multisensory Therapy

Multisensory Therapy

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