Leo Thurm

חניך מפעיל מכונה במפעל שיקום Resident working a machine in the rehab workshop

Recalling their earliest days of business in the United States, associates of Leo Thurm testify that he was always “very honest and devout.”  Able to escape Germany just before the Nazis came to power, the Thurm family arrived in the United States where they became front-runners in the establishment of the Kosher cheese industry, eventually growing their business into a worldwide enterprise.

Together with wife, Roslyn, Leo raised his children Max and Phyllis to appreciate the Jewish values of tradition, charity and chesed (loving kindness).  As such, it was a natural continuation of his life when, after his passing, it was discovered that Leo left a request to carry on his legacy by supporting ADI’s crucial educational and rehabilitative work.  Leo’s children saw the wisdom of this choice as it provided their father with an opportunity to empower others and fulfill his dream of “living on in Israel,” perpetuating his name in the Holy Land.

ADI’s rehabilitative vocational center in Jerusalem caters to the intellectual and social needs of its residents aged 21 and over, as well as young adults from the surrounding community.  Program participants receive training for practical work, which includes the production of numerous decorative objects that are sold to the public via the aptly named “Ability Boutique.”

In keeping with Leo’s belief in the power of people and the business acumen that allowed Leo to develop his company by keeping up with modern technological developments, Leo’s children chose to use his bequest to sponsor ADI’s cutting-edge Digital Printing Vocational Workshop.  A welcome addition to the therapeutic program’s existing activities with ceramics, paper mache, and greeting cards, this new digital printing element offers a dynamic, multi-sensory activity that allows ADI residents and special education students to harness technology and take control of the entire creation process – from start to finish.

Leo Thurm’s legacy of caring lives on at ADI Jerusalem, enabling numerous young adults to engage in meaningful and creative vocational activities and life-skill enrichment, enhancing their quality of life and promoting feelings of self-worth.

YOUR Legacy of Caring: Remembering ADI in your will or bequest will create a lasting impact by assisting in the ongoing rehabilitation and advancement of ADI’s residents with severe disabilities.


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