Morris Siegman

In most cases, a legacy donation is the lasting expression of a person’s deep-seated commitment to a cause that is close to his or her heart.  Whether these donors were active in a particular field throughout their lives or cultivated a unique relationship with a specific institution, they take pride in their involvement and graciously inform the organization of their future bequests.

But in some instances, individuals may refrain from establishing a relationship during their lifetimes, even if the organization’s mission speaks to them.  In these cases, their affinity for the cause only comes to light following a posthumous show of support.

In this vein, the estate of Mr. Morris (Moshe) Siegman contacted ADI after his passing to make a generous donation towards the completion of the state-of-the-art hydrotherapy swimming pool at ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem.  Though he established no connection with ADI during his lifetime, Mr. Siegman’s family carried out his wishes of granting his legacy gift to the organization that won his heart.

ADI Jerusalem’s on-premises pool allows for the integration and continuity of hydrotherapy with other therapeutic treatments, individualized for each resident and special education student.   In preparing the pool for use, ADI’s hydrotherapists coordinated with the communication therapy team to create special communication boards that are placed in strategic locations around the pool.  These communication boards use various icons and symbols, individualized for each student in communication therapy, enabling non-verbal students to communicate at the pool using familiar and recognized methods.  We imagine that it was this innovative multi-disciplinary approach – unique to ADI – that made Mr. Siegman fall in love with our mission.

Though we still don’t know much about Mr. Siegman, one thing is certain: he was a thoughtful and generous individual who chose to establish a legacy of caring by providing our ADI residents and students with the tools for growth and empowerment for years to come.

YOUR Legacy of Caring: Remembering ADI in your will or bequest will create a lasting impact by assisting in the ongoing rehabilitation and advancement of ADI’s residents with severe disabilities.

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