Esther Chouraqui

Using an eye-tracking system. משתמשים במכשיר מיקוד מבט

Though Esther Chouraqui lived in France, her heart was always with Israel and the Jewish people.  She had a special love for Jewish children with severe disabilities.

In bequeathing a legacy to ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem, Esther continues to support the causes that meant so much to her, even after her passing.

ADI’s cutting-edge Alternative Communication Program, established in part by Esther Chouraqui’s legacy gift, gives our children with severe disabilities new avenues to express their feelings, needs and choices.  The program uses a variety of rehabilitative technology equipment including iPads, adaptive communication apps, computers, whiteboards and vocal outputs, teaching the children to “speak,” learn, and connect with family and friends.

An everlasting legacy of caring, Esther’s generosity of heart and spirit continues to impact ADI’s very special children daily, enabling them to realize their greatest potentials and live happy, meaningful lives.

YOUR Legacy of Caring: Remembering ADI in your will or bequest will create a lasting impact by assisting in the ongoing rehabilitation and advancement of ADI’s residents with severe disabilities.

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