Israel: Purim extravaganza for children with disabilities

כסאות גלגלים מחופשים למטוסים Wheelchairs decorated as airplanes

‘Walt Disney likes to say that he created the happiest place on earth, but here at ADI, we beg to differ’

Children with disabilities are treated to a special Purim celebration at a rehabilitation village in southern Israel – complete with their own custom-made costumes.

At the ADI Negev Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village for adults and children with disabilities, Purim attendees can partake in holiday festivities with their assistive devices decorated to look like airplanes, excavators, popcorn buckets, and other whimsical disguises.

“Walt Disney likes to say that he created the happiest place on earth, but here at ADI, we beg to differ,” Elie Klien, the village’s international marketing director, told i24NEWS.

“This is the happiest place on earth,” he added.

The village’s work is supported with financing from the Jewish National Fund USA – the organization assisted in both the construction of ADI and the creation of a nearby rehabilitation hospital.

“We have four different affiliates that we work with in terms of special needs, making sure that nobody is ever left behind,” Yael Levontin of the Jewish National Fund USA told i24NEWS.

The children’s’ specially-designed Purim costumes were made possible through the work of volunteers with the Israeli nonprofit TOM – Tikkun Olam Makers.

“We thought they deserve (to) also (have) special costumes,” Roy Goldenberg, director of TOM’s Israel communities, told i24NEWS.

“Bringing people, designers, engineers, you know, people with good hands and a wide heart… it just truly feels amazing.”

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