Ishay Ribo plays at sold-out concert to benefit ADI disability care

Ishay Ribo plays at sold-out concert to benefit ADI disability care


Ishay Ribo plays at sold-out concert to benefit ADI disability care

As spring gives way to summer, the live music scene is heating up in Jerusalem, and the first must-see concert of the season had an empowering twist. On Monday evening, June 6, international superstar Ishay Ribo played a sold-out show at the Jerusalem Theater to benefit ADI Jerusalem, ensuring that the residential, rehabilitative, and community resource center can continue to provide children and young adults with severe disabilities with the specialized care they need for optimal health, enhanced social opportunities, and the best possible quality of life.

Hosted by the ‘Jerusalem Friends of ADI’ and emceed by Israeli journalist Ofer Hadad, the celebratory event raised awareness for the organization as well as funds for the renovation of ADI Jerusalem’s high dependency care unit, a step that will allow the center to further expand its services while continuing to ensure the best possible resources for those in need of intensive care.

“The Jerusalem Friends of ADI, which was established more than thirty years ago by the late and legendary Rivka Chervin, has always been comprised of mothers who see this as an opportunity to give back and empower the parents of children with severe disabilities and complex medical conditions,” said Susie Engel, a longtime committee member.

“Working with ADI Jerusalem is truly a privilege. We’ve made such beautiful music together over the years, so it’s only appropriate that our annual events feature top musical talents who can help us inspire the masses.”

In late October 2021, Ishay Ribo visited ADI Jerusalem to tour the center and meet some of the residents. After greeting many adoring young fans and watching the therapists and special educators in action, Ribo was so moved by what he saw that he took out his guitar to entertain his new friends. Immediately following his impromptu performance, he expressed a desire to play a special benefit concert for ADI Jerusalem.

Making good on that promise, Ribo delivered an otherworldly performance on Monday night, filling the Jerusalem Theater with his patented soulful melodies and inspiring the audience to dance in the aisles. Still, the highlight of the evening was when Ribo serenaded an ADI Jerusalem special education student, allowing the importance of disability care and inclusion to take center stage.

“Whenever we interact with the residents and special education students at ADI Jerusalem, we see reflections of our own children and are driven to do more, to make sure that they are provided with the highest standard of care and therapy, and that their parents also receive the support and guidance they need and deserve,” added Engel.

“We are so grateful to Ishay Ribo for sharing his huge heart and exceptional musical talents with our ADI family, and we hope that all of our guests at the Jerusalem Theater gained a newfound appreciation of ADI and are motivated to help us keep it growing and thriving for years to come.”

ADI provides its residents and special education students with the individualized growth plans and specialized services they need to grow and thrive, its rehabilitation patients with the treatments and therapies they need to heal and return to their lives, and the community at large with tangible opportunities for encountering disability, raising awareness and promoting acceptance.

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