Volunteer Voices

Volunteering at ADI was the most enriching and wonderful experience I have ever had. It literally changed my life.

מתנדבת עם דייר Volunteer with resident

Leo E.

Bodelshausen, Germany

“Each resident has a unique ability to be vulnerable and completely authentic in the most life-giving way.”
Woman with corona mask hold a child אישה עם מסכת קורונה מחזיקה ילד

Anna-Suzette P.

Dusslingen, Germany

“This amazing experience gave me the satisfaction of playing a role in someone’s else life. Volunteering was a way of giving back to the Israeli community while I gained valuable work experience.”
שתי בנות מחייכות, אחת בכסא גלגלים Two girls smiling, one in a wheelchair

Rebecca S.

Morganville, New Jersey

“With an incredible variety or resources such as horse therapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and new and interesting day-to-day activities, ADI keeps their residents active and happy in the best way possible!”
מתנדבת עם דייר Volunteer with resident

Isabella S.

Menlo Park, California

“The experiences with residents, as well as other parts of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran community, will be forever etched in my mind.”
מתנדבת עם דייר Volunteer with resident

Monique K.

Taipei, Taiwan

“ADI is a place for everyone, not only for children and adults with different abilities, but also for you and me, who ended up receiving more than what we could ever have contributed.”
שני אנשים Two people

Salome H.

Schomberg, Germany

“These kids might have special needs, but they are precious gifts, that help us grow and bring out the best in us.”
Two men in selfie picture שני אנשים תמונת סלפי

Lazar S.

San Diego, California

“I went to ADI thinking that I would be a blessing to the residents but, the longer I volunteered, the more I realized that they were a blessing to me!”
בעל ואישה Husband and wife

Peter & Gerdien

Opheusden, Netherlands

“We consider it a privilege to be part of those who care for these residents. We enjoy our work with the residents, taking care of them and communicating with them in different ways.
משתתפי מרתון עם ילד על אופנייםן Marathon participants with boy on bike

Laura W.

Dusslingen, Germany

“It’s easy to see what they can’t do. But ADI sees what they CAN do.”
דורון אלמוג ואורחת Doron Almog and guest outside

Dr. Violet E.

Toronto, Canada

“These were magical moments in my life – to feel how simple acts of kindness and caring become so transformative in the lives of so many, SIMPLY EXHILARATING!
זוג לוקחים אנשים בכסאות גלגלים לטיול Couple taking people in wheelchairs for a walk

Dick & Marja S.

Zwolle, Netherlands

“We are grateful for the opportunity to use our time and talents as volunteers. We have grown as individuals and as a couple!”
אישה מחזיקה ומחבקת ילדה Woman holding and hugging a child

Leor A.

Montreal, Canada

“Volunteering at ADI was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I cherished every single moment, from the first day to the last.”
ילדה בכסא גלגלים מקבלת מתנה אישה Girl in wheelchair receiving a gift from a woman

Lea T.

Plauen, Germany

“It was an honor for me to be a part of the ADI team! I collected unforgettable impressions of unforgettable people!”
Man on a tractor איש יושב בטרקטור

Max C.

Puerto Rico

“The children of ADI taught me a lot of good things and they will always have a special place in my heart”
Three people in wheelchairs with escorts שלושה אנשים בכסאות גלגלים עם מלווים

Sarah H.

Karlsbad, Germany

“Working with the children at ADI Jerusalem has been a positive and uplifting experience! One that I will never forget!”


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