Specialized Slings

Due to normal wear and tear, we need to replace many of the hammock slings currently in use – we cannot function without these vital tools!

YOUR GENEROSITY will help us lift our ADI residents and special education students safely and with dignity, making their spirits soar!

Specialized Slings

The vast majority of our ADI residents and special education students are unable to move on their own, and our professional staff and volunteers use many different mobility devices to transport and care for them throughout the day. Ceiling hoists and hammock slings are the key to their mobility, therapy, cleanliness and inclusion in activities. 

From the moment they wake up in the morning, hoists and hammock slings are used to safely move our ADI residents from their beds to their wheelchairs. Hoists and hammock slings move them to and from their therapy mats, showering tables, diaper changing stations, and hydrotherapy chairs numerous times every single day.

1 Donation Amount
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  • $ 180.00

  • $ 100.00

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