Muka Liberow's ADI Fleet Campaign Page

On Friday, March 25, I will be running for Chaim. But not just for Chaim, but for all those special just like him at the Jerusalem Marathon.

As a member of the ‘ADI Fleet’ inclusive running team, I hope to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of Israeli society – ADI’s residents and special education students with severe disabilities, who are provided with the opportunity to live meaningful lives like you and I.
Be like Chaim and brighten up the world each day by helping me reach my campaign goal.

Muka Liberow's ADI Fleet Campaign Page

Sixteen years ago I met my best friend, together, he and I stepped into an unknown world of a boy with Down syndrome.

World meet Chaim: The biggest blessing in my life. His journey is a journey like no other, in a world filled with judgement and difficulties, but he is a rockstar.

He inspires me to love, to accept, to appreciate, and to be a better person. He teaches me to reach for the stars, to try again when I fall, and to take advantage of the life I am living.

Despite his Down Syndrome, there’s never a dull moment in Chaim’s life, he’s always making people laugh and smile. He dreams big and makes it a reality. There is no one quite like him, and I would not have asked for a better brother.

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