Amichai's Bar Mitzvah Campaign

About ADI: ADI (pronounced ah-dee) is the Hebrew word for a radiant and multifaceted jewel, a name that reflects our expansive vision and broad scope of activities, including disability care, rehabilitation, research, employment, education, community services and Tikkun Olam. It also speaks to the importance and great value of our mission to care for the most precious members of our society – those who cannot care for themselves.
It’s all in the name: ADI celebrates Ability, promotes Diversity and insists on Inclusion.

Amichai's Bar Mitzvah Campaign

For years, Canine Therapy has helped the ADI residents grow and thrive. Playing and interacting with these specially trained dogs stimulates the ADI residents and helps them develop their fine motor skills in a similar way to physiotherapy activities. It also makes them laugh and smile for hours at a time, and this positivity allows them to advance socially, emotionally and physically.

For my Bar Mitzvah Project, I aim to raise $8,000 so that three new classes of ADI residents and special education students can enjoy Canine Therapy. I want to make a real impact by being part of this incredible, life-altering therapeutic process, but I can’t do it without your help!

Please show all of my friends at ADI some love by helping me reach my goal of funding this campaign.

114 %
Campaign Goal $ 8,000.00
Achieved $ 9,133.34
1 Donation Amount
  • $ 1,800.00

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