A Surprise Bat Mitzvah Gift for Shira

A Surprise Bat Mitzvah Gift for Shira

A Surprise Bat Mitzvah Gift for Shira

Yasmin is an incredible young woman from London. Recently, she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with family and friends. Following the festivities, Yasmin decided to use some of the money she received as Bat Mitzvah gifts to make put a smile on the face of a Bat Mitzvah girl in Israel. After a little research, she chose Shira, a resident of ADI Jerusalem with complex disabilities. Yesterday, Yasmin’s grandparents (who had flown in from the UK) visited Shira and delivered a special package from Yasmin: a new fabulous summer wardrobe for Shira! Shira was so touched by the beautiful and generous gifts, and the ADI staff helped her thank Yasmin’s grandparents appropriately. Yasmin also sent a note to make it clear that she and her family wanted to maintain the relationship with Shira and were happy to purchase any additional items that she might need – educational supplies, games, clothes or anything else. We are so grateful to Yasmin and her entire family for their dedication to Shira.


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