New friends from Korea

Always great to receive visitors from all over the world! And in this case, ADI Jerusalem had eager Korean volunteers/students over whom wanted to experience ADI in a personal way -helping out the ADI-staff wherever possible and keeping the residents, company! Mission completed The volunteers heard about ADI through Amiko, which stands for ‘Amutat Mitnadvim Israelim […]

Sealed off and isolated in the desert?

My name is Salome Herbrich and I volunteer in ADI Negev. Since about five months I support the residents in their daily life. My motivation to come to Israel was to do something good and selfless for people, who can’t help themselves. But most of all for Israel. It is important to me, that I […]

Learning to live

From the moment I decided to “work” with disabled children, I never doubted how enriching and wonderful this experience would be and how it would contribute to my life. Being here, I was able to closely observe the lives of these children; how, despite the physical difficulties, they show a smile and surprise us in […]


Volunteering at ADI was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I cherished every single moment, from the first day to the last. I had previously worked with teenagers and adults with special needs in Montreal, and I thought that I would just be able to apply the skills and […]

I have 21 New Brothers 

Only five weeks ago I left my home in Arizona, and with it my eight brothers and sisters, to come to ADI Negev. At the time I thought I was leaving my family behind, however I quickly learned I had in fact traveled to Israel to meet my 21 new brothers in House Ofek.    […]

Be the impact

As a child, being part of a military family, I have traveled to many places all over the USA.  Being half Korean, also included international travel, having visited South Korea a handful of times.  But nothing comes close to having visited Israel for the first time this past Feb 2020. My heart for the people […]

A somewhat crazy decision

Hi! I’m Joanne from Taiwan and I’ve volunteered at ADI for almost 7 months. It was my first time to interact with the people who have both intellectual and developmental disabilities and I expected to help the residents with their day-to-day life, play with them and provide them with joy and my love. However, after […]

A dream come true

A few months ago, I came to Israel to volunteer in ADI, a residential, educational, rehabilitative, and medical facility for children with complex disabilities. I came to volunteer in ADI because it has been my dream to be a registered nurse and I have been working really hard in getting all my pre-requisite classes in […]

A Letter to Doron Almog

Dear Doron, Last Sunday we saw each another at the meeting for the volunteers. We are impressed by your story and your vision of the disabled. Yesterday was our last working day and we would like to thank you. It is unique how volunteers are received at ADI, we feel that there is an enormous […]

Trip to Claudia’s Heart

Deciding to come to Israel as a volunteer has been one of the most important decisions in my life. I left behind children, a professional career and my country, Guatemala. I invested time, energy and affectivity in realizing this dream. Every day that I shared at ADI has been worthwhile because it represented a journey […]