Residents of ADI Moriah in Gedera have been “adopted” by the police, and were invited to be guests of honor at a police happening in Yavne. The residents, all of whom have intellectual and developmental disabilities, got VIP treatment from the police, who welcomed them joyfully and took care of their every need, ensuring that they would feel comfortable and enjoy themselves at the event, just like everyone else.

Thousands of people attended the event, together with the group of ADI’s residents and their escorts. They visited a variety of exhibits spread around the area, which included police and rescue vehicles, robots, artillery and even demonstrations of how animals work with the police.

The children also received lots of special, personal attention when Yavne police’s chief superintendent, Shlomi ben Shitrit, and other high ranking officers from the station, came to greet and hug them, and to take a souvenir photo with each one of them.

The commanders expressed their great respect for ADI’s work with people with disabilities and their amazement at the staff’s outstanding efforts. In their words: “No one remains indifferent to a direct meeting with ADI’s residents. We were happy to have the opportunity to be among those who are able to assist people with disabilities and help make their lives a little better. Our relationship with ADI is incredibly satisfying for us.”

Naama Sudkewitz, Director of ADI Moriah, points out that: “People with disabilities have their place in the front row of society, as these are people who can only do good.  For us, the connection with the police, and with whoever wants to do good, is a natural connection that expresses our ability to increase the light in the world, and especially for ADI’s residents.”

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