Just like everyone else, our residents need a break in routine from time to time. ADI Jerusalem’s children were recently treated to just that, with a wonderful two-day winter vacation at the beach!

Some 70 dedicated volunteers made the vacation possible – raising money, preparing the residents and accompanying them. This is another of our many activities that would never be possible without our incredible volunteers – we cannot thank them enough!

After setting out bright and early in the morning, the children’s first stop was at a bowling alley, where they enjoyed a spirited and challenging round of bowling.

The next stop was their final destination, the Nachsholim Beach Hotel. Nachsholim is a beautiful beach in Israel’s Mt. Carmel region, and the hotel has lawns, hammocks, comfortable rooms, and everything one would want for a pampering holiday. There, the children enjoyed watching the sunset, relaxing on the grass or in a hammock, eating great food, and some even took a dip in the sea! They also enjoyed an activity with animals, and a wild party, complete with a DJ, disco lights and dancing, as well as a sweets bar, candy floss and a balloon man! The huge smiles were everywhere, and there is no doubt that the residents slept very well in their luxurious hotel beds that night.

The next day, after a morning visit to the beach and a deluxe breakfast, everyone boarded the bus and headed to Kfar Chabad. Their they visited the “Behind the Honey” visitors’ center, where they met bees, tasted honey, and made candles out of beeswax. A surprise, gourmet lunch was provided to everyone by an extremely generous family, who had heard about the visitors and, on their own initiative, prepared a fantastic meal for all the children, staff and volunteers. The children completed their time at Kfar Chabad with a fun visit to the Gymboree, and then they headed home, back to Jerusalem.

The vacation was a great success, not only for all the wonderful activities and experiences provided to the children, but also in terms of the bonding between residents and volunteers. The vacation may be over, but the friendships will last far into the future.

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