Why the Bride Visited ADI On Her Wedding Day

For more than a decade, Reuven has been the security guard at ADI’s residential facility in Jerusalem.  But he does so much more than just guard the door.  He helps the staff arrange transport for the residents, cheers up parents who have been having a tough day, teaches volunteers how to use the equipment, and greets everyone with a smile and a kind word.  And over the years, he has frequently brought his children to work with him so that they can better understand the vital work being done at ADI and the importance of inclusion.

So, it was no surprise that Reuven’s daughter, Hodaya, wanted to stop by ADI on her wedding day to share the celebration with her ADI family.  After spending so much time watching her father and the ADI staff and volunteers work, Hodaya jumped in and got involved.  And in the process, she became friends with some of the purest souls she had ever met.  To Hodaya, her ADI family is a blessing and her special day would not have been complete without their inclusion.

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