Why Is This Day at ADI Different From Every Other Day?

Today is all Matzah!

Students at ADI Bnei Brak baked matzah at their very own bakery, created especially for them in the school backyard.

The children watched a real matzah-baking demonstration, seeing a flour room, a water room, the pouring of the water and the kneADIng of the dough.

Afterwards, dressed in their own baker’s hats, each child received a piece of dough to roll out and hole. As the dough was placed in the oven, everyone counted to ten, after which the ready-made matzah emerged from the oven.

Students took pleasure eating their delicious home-baked matzahs while enjoying the festive, pre-holiday atmosphere and the sumptuous smells of baking that permeated the yard, readying all for the upcoming Passover holiday.

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