Who Thanks Whom? El Al and ADI Moriah a Mutual Friendship

Volunteers from El Al’s financial department regularly make their way to ADI Moriah to visit, work and spend time with residents.

This month, the El Al volunteers chose to mark International Persons with Disabilities Day by trADIng in their numbers and calculations for clay and paintbrushes, joining the students of ADI Moriah’s rehabilitative vocational workshop.

Prior to beginning their workshop stint, El Al employees heard an informative lecture from Meirav Raziel, ADI Moriah residence director. Meirav told her guests about life in the various ADI Moriah residences, expounding on the different programs for each group.

The workshop experience was fun and productive for all involved. The light and happy atmosphere was enhanced by singing, gradually morphing into an all-out party with dancing and smiles and joy from all directions.

At day’s end, El Al and ADI Moriah staff sat down together to summarize the experience.

Naama Sudkowitz, director of ADI Moriah, took advantage of the moment to thank the El Al staff for their ongoing cooperation and assistance, emphasizing the significant influence such volunteerism has on residents and staff.

Sharon, El Al financial department representative and driving force behind the department’s collaboration with ADI Moriah, summarized this particular visit, “Whenever we come you say thank-you to us, but really, the thank-you is to you, for allowing us to come here.”

Maybe. But we still stand behind our thank-you . . . and we are so happy that the feeling is mutual!

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