When You Can’t Go Outside, Bring the Outside In!

ADI’s regular summer camp program of excursions, trips and outings fell prey to the reality of life under COVID-19 and the many restrictions necessary to keep our immunocompromised children safe and sound. Unable to go outdoors, ADI Jerusalem’s creative staff decided to bring the outside in.

The theme of this year’s summer camp centers around Nature, each week exploring a different aspect of our surroundings: animals, water, environment and plants. All activity will take place inside the ADI building in small groups, separated and protected in strict adherence to Coronavirus guidelines.

ADI children will enjoy an impressive collection of theme-centered games and activities as ADI staff rises to the challenge, not the least of which is the need to clean and sterilize every piece of every game before passing the activity on to the next group.

With entrance to the ADI Jerusalem building still under tight control, no outside entertainers will be brought in, and residents will not be gathered together in one area for any central activities. Even so, the magical feeling of delight and joy that accompanies the ADI camp spirit each year shines bright and rADIates throughout the building.

Our deepest appreciation and admiration goes out to camp coordinator Hodiah Gean and ADI Jerusalem’s amazing teachers and staff for their flexibility and creativity in organizing a fun-filled month of summer camp without stepping outside.

Nothing stops the dedicated staff of ADI Jerusalem from providing the best possible care and exciting experiences to their wonderful students and residents.

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