When There’s A Will, There’s A Way: Tal Visits The Shomron

טל מחוך לבית של נועם Tal outside Noam's house

Volunteer Noam Nissan and ADI resident Tal have been buddies for a while. Noam visits Tal regularly at ADI Jerusalem, and Tal’s dream was to pay a reciprocal visit to Noam at his home. With Noam living in the Shomron, the logistics involved in transporting Tal presented a major obstacle, but Noam, soon to enter the IDF for mandatory service, decided to make it happen.

Noam contacted Eli Barmeli, deputy CEO of the Company for the Development of the Shomron. Eli stepped in and contacted Solomon, who offered to drive Tal to Noam’s home in an accessible van, free of charge.

Tal made it to his destination and enjoyed a great visit at Noam’s home, spending an entire Shabbat in the company of the Nissan family.

Thanks Noam, Eli and Solomon. Working together, we can make dreams come true.

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