We Promise to Advance and Assist Children with Disabilities

MInister of Health Uriel Busso and boy with disabilities שר הבריאות אוריאל בוסו ובחור עם מגבלויות

“Children with disabilities are not a problem to be hidden. They take precedence in our list of priorities.”

Minister of Health Uriel Busso was deeply impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication he met during his recent visit to ADI Jerusalem.  Visiting the center’s numerous departments, entering classrooms and watching students in various activities, the Minister came away determined that the needs of children with disabilities would be allotted a prominent position on the Ministry of Health’s list of priority needs.

ADI Jerusalem’s respiratory ward, which integrates children who would otherwise have to spend their lives in geriatric centers or hospital rooms into age-appropriate school and social activities while maintaining accurate medical care, was of particular interest to Minister Busso. Likewise, the minister was impressed with the various alternative methods of communication such switches, vocal output machines and eye-tracking computers employed to help children connect with and be involved in their surroundings.

Minister Busso was accompanied on his visit by directors of various Ministry of Health departments. Though not their first visit to ADI Jerusalem, the ministry officials once again left the center with a strong desire to stay connected and do their part to advance the outstanding work which has made ADI Jerusalem an important facility for the advancement of people with severe cognitive and physical disabilities and a center that focuses on the special needs of children and families from the surrounding community.

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