We LOVE Shabbat!

We LOVE Shabbat!

We all wait for Shabbat each week. A time to sit together with family, rest, meet up with friends and enjoy.

ADI volunteers do their utmost to enable ADI Jerusalem residents to enjoy the same activities as other children their ages. Putting special emphasis on Shabbat, volunteers have made Shabbat trips into frequent occurrences for ADI Jerusalem students.

Every Shabbat trip entails complex detailed logistics as well as a host of special permits, but none of this deters devoted volunteers from reaching their goal of providing exciting and fun experiences and a feeling of “normal” life for ADI students.

One of the more recent Shabbat trips took place at Karmi Tsur in Gush Etzion. Thanks to the massive support of settlement youth who did everything in their ability to make sure that ADI students were hosted in the best possible way, ADI residents enjoyed an uplifting Shabbat experience, complete with participation by the town Rabbi and the local youth activities coordinator.

In another exciting Shabbat trip, residents and volunteers were hosted at a Youth Hostel thanks to a generous contribution from an anonymous donor who specifically wanted ADI students to experience a special Shabbat in a hotel setting. Residents with complex medical conditions requiring special accommodations who go away less frequently were able to enjoy this very special event under the dedicated, non-stop care of the tireless volunteers who saw to their every need.

It is these special Shabbat trips, along with the amazing periodic “Volunteer Shabbat” get-togethers in which a large group of volunteers come to spend Shabbat at ADI Jerusalem with residents, that impart uplifting feelings of specialness and provide irreplaceable respite from regular routine.

How wonderful to enjoy Shabbat each week!

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