Warm Hearts and Warm Hands in ADI Jerusalem

Warm Hearts and Warm Hands in ADI Jerusalem

Warm Hearts and Warm Hands in ADI Jerusalem

Visitors to ADI Jerusalem feel the caring, family-like atmosphere that wafts through the building as soon as they pass through the entrance level doors. Whether a communication therapist is providing encouragement or a laundry-distributor stops to hug a child, the genuine warmth and love felt by staff for each resident and student is apparent to all.

During these cold, rainy winter months, ADI Jerusalem administration decided to reciprocate warmth with warmth and gifted staff with comfy fleece jackets, embedded with the ADI logo.

The various ADI floors were decorated with signs bearing warm words of thanks for staff’s unlimited dedication and devotion, and written in an adjoining letter given to every single employee were words of gratitude and appreciation. “The cold winter months provide a great opportunity to give a warm hug and express our immense thanks to our dedicated staff . . .”

Next time you walk around Jerusalem, look for the person in the fleece jacket with the green ADI logo and know that you have encountered a very special individual.

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