ADI Jerusalem was proud to host a delegation of professional staff from the Perkins school in Boston, USA, and local professionals in the field of special education, for a visit and tour of the center.

The Perkins school is a school for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions, such as visual and hearing impairments.

Members of the delegation included:

Dr. Mary Zatta – Doctor of Special Education, specializing in visual impairments, and representative of Perkins International

Dr. Barbara McLetchie– Doctor of Special Education, specializing in supportive communication and visual impairments

Naomi Ariel – Coordinator of Professional Continuing Education, Ministry of Education, and lecturer at David Yellin College

The visit began with a tour of the ADI Jerusalem center and school. The visitors went into the classrooms and watched classes and a variety of activities in progress, visited the exhibitions, the accessible library, the Snoezelen room, the pool, and more.

The visitors were deeply impressed by ADI. They spoke of the warm and supportive atmosphere, and the positive energy at the center. We were very moved by their warm words about our work. For example: “It seems as if the children are happy and active throughout the day.” “The sensory and emotional support is so clearly obvious.” And more…

We were also grateful to receive professional guidance regarding vision impairments from them.

At the end of the visit, we all had considerable new knowledge in this field.

Thank you so much for sharing with ADI your time, expertise and interest!


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