Tikkun Olam Educational Programs Thrive

קבוצה של אנשים בעלי מגבלויות שונות Group of people with various disabilities

ADI’s Tikkun Olam programs continue to flourish and thrive with ongoing activity, seminars and training programs aimed at educating youth to acceptance and integration of people with disabilities.

Campus ADI recently completed its fifth Public Speaking Training Program for people with disabilities. Over 20 participants with diverse disabilities, such as people who have undergone amputation following illness or accident, disabled IDF veterans, people with hearing impairments and people of small stature, successfully completed the course and are set to join the growing team of Tikkun Olam speakers.

Throughout the course, participants met with top speakers who imparted advice and important tools regarding successfully addressing an audience. Participants viewed excerpts from lectures and heard tips on how to compose captivating beginnings and strong endings that enthrall listeners. Through simulated lectures with real-time feedback, the new speakers learned to convey their personal journey and progress from crisis to victory.

“The campus was a huge gift for me,” commented one participant. “I came away with quality tools that enable me to continue. I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful experience.”

As one training course came to an end, another important coaching seminar took off, this time to prepare ADI campus operatives for Tikkun Olam activities with elementary school students.

Over 15 people from all fields and walks of life came to learn about the goals of ADI and Tikkun Olam, understand how to represent ADI in schools and to be exposed to the world of students dealing with various disabilities.

The seminar opened with the powerful play, “Life and Miracles,” from Holon’s Mediatheque Theatre, depicting the story of two adults, roommates in a home-for-life center, and exposing their inner world and feelings. Following the intense theatrical experience, Yarden Uzen, director of Tikkun Olam, and Noa Dor-On, coordinator of program operatives, spoke about program goals and how they are presented in schools. Rounding up the day, Dr. Marcelle Kruger, lecturer in the Faculty of Special Education at Beit Berl College detailed different kinds of disabilities and how to act and communicate with people challenged by disability.

“It was an excellent day,” wrote participant Hila Brown, “keep up the good work of this important mission, and thank you to everyone who took part.”

Tikkun Olam is a unique socio-educational program to advance the value of acceptance of people with disabilities and strengthen public awareness through integrative programs, volunteerism and early education.


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