They found their soulmates at ADI!

What could be better than finding your soulmate while doing a mitzvah? Matan and Talia met 2 years ago while volunteering at ADI Negev – Talia was completing her National Service and Matan often volunteered on weekends to enhance the Shabbat atmosphere for the residents of the rehabilitative village. It was ‪‎love‬ at first sight, and working side by side at ADI Negev enhanced the bond between Matan and Talia. Earlier this month, a special reunion Shabbaton brought old volunteers back to ADI Negev, including Talia’s group of National Service volunteers and Matan’s group of yeshiva volunteers, and Matan saw it as his golden opportunity to “pop the question” surrounded by friends in the very place where his love for Talia blossomed. In a scene fit for the movies, Talia said “yes,” and their journey into couple hood began. BEHOLD, the power of‪ volunteering‬. MAZAL TOV, Matan & Talia!

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