The Language of Challenging Behavior – An ADI for YOU Seminar

Over 100 special education and rehabilitation specialists from Southern Israel gathered at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran for a highly successful seminar on the topic “Challenging Behavior as a Form of Expression among People with Disabilities”.

The seminar, led by Dr. Benny Hozmi, director of Beit Issie Shapiro’s Trump Institute, is part of a seminar series for professionals organized by ADI for YOU throughout the year.

In addition to direct work with families of children with disabilities, the ADI for YOU advice, guidance and counseling center imparts vast importance to enriching and training professionals who interact with families of children and adults with disabilities. Enhancing knowledge and empowering professionals with additional tools for their work adds to the breadth and quality of services said professionals provide to people under their care.

The periodic seminars held by ADI for YOU constitute an important meeting place for learning and enrichment, and provide opportunities for relevant collaboration between professionals in the disabilities field.

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