The visit of MK Elie Elalouf, Chairman of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee to ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village was especially meaningful for the founders of the village and Mr. Elalouf himself.

“I was so moved when talking to the patients in the rehabilitation center and the staff. It was amazing to see how much the patients are able to advance and rehabilitate through the services offered here. I thank you for your vital work. I was a partner at the beginning of this process, when ADI Negev was first founded, and it is wonderful to see how the village has expanded – how the incredible idea has become a reality,” said Mr. Elalouf.

As Director General of the Rashi Foundation, Mr. Elalouf was a dedicated friend of ADI and led the foundation in supporting the establishment of ADI Negev, to help Israel’s severely disabled children reach their potential and live a quality life. The village’s High-Dependency Wing, Rehab Center and Hydrotherapy Pool were built with the support of the Rashi Foundation, and today Mr. Elalouf was able to personally see how his investment is reaping major dividends!