The Fire of Love

ADI students and their families enjoyed another exciting summer trip when they visited a fire station in the area of Jerusalem.

Fire Chief Eyal Cohen personally invited the children and their families to visit the station and take part in a day of diverse and fun-filled activity, organized by fire station staff.

Participants looked on as firefighters saved “trapped” victims from “flaming cars” and “rescued” one student’s sister from a high-rise building, and watched as Casey the firedog demonstrated her ability to sniff out forensic information. Later, students and their siblings donned firefighting uniforms, climbed aboard firetrucks and rolled to action with sirens sounding.

Returning from their ride, everyone cooled off with ice-pops and gratefully received gifts handed to them by the firefighters, ending another family-time activity so important in strengthening the relations between ADI students and their siblings.

“We fight fire, and you fight for your lives,” proclaimed Fire Chief Eyal Cohen, promising that this visit was only the first of many yet to come.

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