The ADI family…an unbreakable bond

ADI is a family, so when a member of the family celebrates an important milestone, it only makes sense that everyone is involved. Last week, when Elisheva, a teacher from ADI’s residential facility in Jerusalem celebrated her wedding, her sole concern was that the ADI residents, staff, and volunteers would be able to share in her special day.

“I always knew that I would want all of the special people in my life surrounding me on my wedding day, and that, of course, includes my students, their parents, and all of the ADI staff and volunteers,” said Elisheva.

“One of my happiest memories from the wedding is sitting in the bridal chair praying before the festivities began, and I heard the voices of my kids and the ADI staff from afar. They had entered the hall, and I felt happy and relieved – I knew that my special day would be complete.”

Family members also go out of their way to make each other’s milestone celebrations truly special, so it wasn’t surprising when Orsal and Jurgen, volunteers from Germany who had worked with Elisheva at ADI several months earlier, made a special trip back to Israel just to attend the wedding.

“When we received the invitation to Elisheva’s wedding, there was no question in our minds – we had to return to Israel to celebrate with this truly amazing bride and the rest of our ADI family,” explained Orsal.

As the ADI residents, staff, and volunteers danced with Elisheva and her groom, it was clear that they were a real family. Elisheva’s important milestone became a special day for every member of the ADI family, a day to celebrate their unique and unbreakable bond.

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