Ten Years of Bat Mitzvah Love!

Picture of girl on laptop computer תמונה של בחורה במסך של מחשב נייד

In 2011, Pia Bildirici of Istanbul, Turkey became Bat Mitzvah.

At that time, Pia chose to imbue her special day with a loftier purpose by pledging all monetary gifts received for the benefit of our children and residents with profound physical and intellectual developmental disabilities. Additionally, the Bildirici family presented each guest at Pia’s Bat Mitzvah celebration with a small Chamsa gift, made by ADI residents and purchased through the Ability Boutique.

Over the years, the Bildirici family stayed in touch with ADI, receiving periodic updates about general activity, progress, and the goings on at ADI.

Fast forward 10 years. Pia contacted ADI to let us know that she in now in NYC studying at FIT Fashion Institute of Technology towards a degree in Advertising Marketing Communication, and though she is “super busy,” she really wants to continue helping the children of ADI and become a goodwill ambassador, doing whatever she can to benefit her friends from ADI.

Eager for a personal connection, Pia came up with the idea of using ZOOM technology to read stories to some of our Anglo children who understand English. Story time was so much fun that non-English speakers joined in as well, so Pia incorporated a few Hebrew words and used appropriated props to make the read-along a smashing success.

But Pia wanted to do more. Pia decided that she wanted to raise funds to finance ADI’s hydrotherapy program, an integral and significant part of ongoing treatments for ADI residents, daycare students and outpatients.

Pia’s parents planted the seeds of care over ten years ago, as they educated Pia to be a kind, sensitive child. It is no wonder she has grown to be such thoughtful and compassionate adult.

We are so proud of you Pia. It is people like you who demonstrate the power of the present and the potential for the future.

Read Pia’s story in her own words and join the campaign. https://adi-il.org/campaign/pia-b/

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