‘Super Savta’ Brings Warmth to ADI

ADI has many wonderful Chanukah trADItions, but one of our favorites is Dr. Violet Esser’s annual pilgrimage to our residential facility in Jerusalem. Each year, Dr. Esser, known to many in the organization as ‘Super Savta,’ visits ADI to personally deliver beautiful handmade blankets – her own creations, made with love – to our babies and toddlers. The ADI staff is always so touched by Dr. Esser’s extreme kindness and use her thoughtful gifts throughout the winter months to keep the residents warm.

Last year, Dr. Esser brought her daughter along to meet the ADI residents, staff and volunteers. This year, she asked her grandson, Akiva, to accompany her, so that he, too, could become a member of the ADI family. And because one good deed deserves another, Dr. Esser will also be spending the next two weeks volunteering at ADI’s rehabilitative village in the Negev. She just can’t get enough of ADI, and we can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and incredible devotion to our children. Dr. Esser is setting a beautiful example for her own children and grandchildren, as well as every one of us. Here’s to you, Super Savta!

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