Summer Haircut with a Purpose

בנות בכסאות גלגלים בחוץ לחנות יחד עם אנשים אחרים Girls in wheelchairs outside of store together with other people

Like many girls her age, Rivki cut her hair short so she would be more comfortable during the hot months of summer.

Unlike many girls her age, Rivki suffers from multiple disabilities, and though her cognitive level is relatively on the high side, she is not mobile and does not communicate verbally. This is what made Rivki’s haircut all the more special, because when Naama, the National Service volunteer who helps care for Rivki at ADI Jerusalem told Rivki about Zichon Menachem’s hair donation service to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, Rivka understood what she was told and signaled her willingness and eagerness to help others, children she understood to be less fortunate than herself.

Together with Naama, ADI Jerusalem special educator Reut took Rivki to hairsylist Koby Atar. Rivki enjoyed the special treatment at the hair salon, but even more, she enjoyed putting the envelope containing her cut-off hair into the Zichron Menachem dropbox.

Rivki’s mother was in on the plan from the start. First agreeing that it would be better and more convenient for Rivki to have shorter hair, and then sharing that this would not be the family’s first donation of hair to Zichron Menachem.

No matter how you cut it, our Rivki is gorgeous – inside and out!

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