What’s more fun than going to the zoo? Going twice!!!

Residents of ADI Moriah in Gedera went to visit the Chai Kef zoo in Rishon LeTzion in two separate visits, in order to maximize the number of children who could enjoy this wonderful outing. The trips to the zoo were part of ADI Moriah’s summer camp program, which provides a variety of exciting activities for all the children.

The Rishon LeTzion zoo is not particularly big, but it is accessible and shady, and is a wonderful place to visit. This time, the campers were particularly lucky to catch a Brazilian music and dance show, which they enjoyed immensely.

Both groups were accompanied by our dear friends, the policeman from the Beit Shemesh Police Academy, who “adopted” us warm-heartedly about half a year ago. These policemen come with tons of good will and help us a great deal in taking more and more children on outings. Their willingness to help is knows no bounds, and their relationship with us is a true love story!!

We wish everyone a great and fun summer holiday!!


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