Sprouting Rehabilitation at ADI Ofakim Vocational Center

עציצים עם צינורות מים Plants with watering hoses

Thanks to the Shorshim Plant Nursery and Rivulis Irrigation, employees at ADI Ofakim Vocational Center are growing and developing side-by-side with the flowers and herbs they so carefully tend.

The new project, planned and implemented on detached subbases in accordance with requirements of the Shemittah (Sabbatical) agricultural year, enables staff with intellectual developmental disabilities to learn responsibility and gain hands-on understanding of the effects of nurturing and care as they watch their plants develop and grow from day to day.

Orders are accepted for special occasions and individual plants can be purchased in person at the ADI Ofakim Vocational Center.

Proceed from sales are reinvested in the ADI Ofakim Vocational Center for ongoing program development.

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