Siblings: Caring for the Long Run

“I learned so much this evening. I wanted a feeling of togetherness and I got it. It was very emotional to finally meet people who understand.”

“The topic of siblings is usually not discussed and not dealt with. I felt as if someone was finally paying attention to the siblings. Thank you so much for the well-done, informational conference.”

Participants in ADI’s Conference for Siblings of People with Disabilities found understanding, empathy and companionship during the unique evening organized specifically to bring out into the open and discuss the needs, responsibilities and future of siblings of people with disabilities. Organized by ADI for YOU and in conjunction with the Family Center of the Municipality of Modi’in’s Ministry of Social Services, the conference drew over 100 people. These brothers and sisters of people with disabilities, together with their parents, came to gain strength and new insights into the challenges they face as adult siblings who will one day carry the full responsibility for their special siblings.

Ms. Iya Roth opened the evening with an introductory lecture underscoring the main points imbued in the relationship between adult siblings and their brother or sister with disabilities. Ms. Roth continued with a personal account, including short video scenes with Liron Ben Shlush, actress and producer of the exceptional movie Next to Her (At Li Lilah) depicting her life as a special sister.

Marselo Tranroder discussed practical procedures and actualities concerning the intricacies of guardianship. In a well-presented and informative lecture, Mr. Tranroder shed light on the topic, providing crucial information often unknown to siblings.

In addition to gaining knowledge, conference participants experienced feelings of belonging as they openly discussed the many angles and situations of this emotionally charged topic.

Participants left the conference feeling substantiated and validated: “For me, the conference was important and emotional. I was exceptionally moved by Iya’s lecture. I truly felt that the video was made about me and it was reassuring to know that what I feel and experience is experienced by other siblings as well.”

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