Shloshim Memorial at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran

תמונה של הנרצחים עם נרות זכרון Pictures of murdered victims and yahrzeit candles

Staff, residents, volunteers and families of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and the Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical center commemorated the shloshim – the final day of the thirty day period of mourning –  of the gruesome Hamas massacre of innocent men, women and children on Black Sabbath, October 7, coinciding with the holiday of Simchat Torah.

Located merely 12 km. (20 miles) from the Gaza border, the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village was miraculously spared the horrors of terrorist infiltration, yet many employees, residents of surrounding towns and kibbutzim, were deeply affected. In a somber and deeply emotional ceremony, ADI paid homage to the fallen and murdered of the ADI family.


ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran remembers:

Edna Malkamo – Beit Hila residential home caregiver and sister of Aviva Avraham, residential home caregiver

Yaakov Mortov – ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer employee

Oriel Bibi – husband of Nechama Bibi, ADI Special Education Center physiotherapist

Iftach and Maria Yachenglobe – parents of Ella Yachenglobe, ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer employee

Ariel Bilya – son of Michal Bilya, ADI workshop coordinator

Bechor Chai Suyad – son of Hadassah Suyad, ADI Special Education School assistant

Binyamin Rachamim – father of Tehilla Rachamim, ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer employee

Marsel Talia – mother of Liora Ben Tsur, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran spokesperson and community relations coordinator

Adi Dagan – father of Zohar Harrari, teacher in ADI’s agricultural center

May their memories be for a blessing.

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