Bruriah has been volunteering at ADI Moriah in Gedera for two months now, visiting Shir and her friends. She comes to ADI once a week, bringing tons of positive energy, joy, love and surprises, like the good fairy, spreADIng happiness with each wave of her magic wand.

Although Bruriah cheers up all the residents, she has developed a very special relationship with Shir. A 16-year-old girl who rarely receives visitors, Shir doesn’t stop smiling and rejoicing from the moment that Bruriah walks through the door until she leaves. In a relatively short time, Bruriah has encouraged Shir to speak, to emerge from the silence in which she would previously close herself.

Shir grew up in a foster family, but her foster mother has gotten on in years and it is difficult for her to come visit. Shir, however, has never forgotten the love she received while growing up, and Bruriah has revived that feeling for her.

Everyone can hear Shir’s excitement as Bruriah’s voice approaches. Her smile stretches from ear to ear and she is overwhelmed with happiness. As for Bruriah, she also feels fantastic with all the joy Shir provides her each time she visits. Bruriah says that she is totally in love with Shir, as a mother loves her daughter, and that the time they spend together is pure delight.

Shir recently celebrated her birthday. Bruriah arrived bearing gifts, balloons and a tasty and soft mousse cake, making it a very special day for Shir. In her own unique way, Bruriah brought Shir tons of happiness, feeling that she was on top of the world, and Bruriah felt the same way.

May this truly be a story of endless love! A huge mazal tov to our wonderful Shir, and a huge thank you to our angel, Bruriah.


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