ADI’s residents love to celebrate the holidays, and Shavuot is a particularly tasty one!! At ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, they were treated to a wonderful Shavuot party, replete with dairy treats donated by Tnuva (the donation was arranged by one of the volunteers and by the village’s Director of Social Responsibility). Residents’ parents were invited to come celebrate with the children and the staff, and everyone had a great time. The National Service girls gave a moving performance of the song “Together from Heart to Heart” in sign language, and the evening continued with song, music and celebration. Boutique products that residents had made in the vocational workshops were also sold at the event. The children wore special wreaths on their heads, that had been prepared especially for them, and played with soap bubbles, water pistols, a foam machine and more, and had pictures of themselves taken on a background of a mural with subjects related to the holiday. It was wonderful to see residents and their parents having such a wonderful time. A huge thank you to the staff, National Service girls and the many volunteers, without whom this colorful and fun celebration could never have happened.

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