Shas Knesset Chairman Michael Malkieli Converses with a Student During a Recent Chanukkah Visit to ADI Jerusalem

Shas Knesset Chairman MK Michael Malkieli made a Chanukkah visit to ADI Jerusalem, where he met staff and received and up-to-date account of ADI’s educational and therapeutic activity for residents, external students and outpatients from the surrounding community.

Malkieli toured the premises, took part in an ADI Chanukkah happening with students from behind a corona-safe plastic partition and had a corona test courtesy of United Hatzala volunteers who were at the center for their regular weekly corona test on staff.

The highlight of the visit was certainly Malkieli’s one-on-one conversation with an ADI resident. The young man, who requested and initiated the introduction, used his alternative communication device to state his name and age and tell the Shas MK about his favorite song.

Visibly captivated and impressed by the experience, Malkieli concluded his visit with warm words of admiration. “A visit to ADI Jerusalem is a life lesson that adds perspective to one’s daily concerns. Thank you, Shlomit Grayevski, CEO of ADI Jerusalem, and all of the amazing staff for the holy work you do every single day of the year and particularly during this age of corona.”

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