Realizing a Dream with Avraham Fried

אברהם פריד עם ילד עם מגבלויות בכסא גלגלים Avraham Fried with a boy with disabilities in a wheelchair

When Tamar began her second year of National Service as a special education school assistant in Yosef’s class, it did not take her long to notice that Yosef loved listening to the music of international superstar Avraham Fried.

“Yosef was always asking to listen to Avraham Fried. All year long, I dreamed of taking him to see Avraham Fried in concert, but each time Avraham was in Israel, Yosef was either sick or hospitalized. During the past two months, Yosef’s condition stabilized, and the nurse gave me permission to take him.”

Small details such as money for tickets and accessible transportation were not going to stop Tamar now.

First-year National Service volunteer Tsuri joined Tamar. Together they posted the need on their WhatsApp statuses, and within one hour (!), they had all the funds necessary to purchase three tickets and order a van, what Tamar off-handedly refers to as, “We got some money together.”

With tickets in hand and transportation settled, ADI volunteer Yair Glazer, a resident of Yad Binyamin, contacted the Fried PR staff to arrange for Yosef to meet his idol. True to his benevolent nature, superstar Fried did not disappoint. Though rushing off immediately after the show to catch a flight, Fried first stopped by to greet Yosef and stand together for a short photo op. Yosef was beyond happy.

After a challenging year of illnesses and hospitalizations, yet another dream comes true at ADI Jerusalem thanks to the steadfast devotion and love of our wonderful National Service girls and dedicated volunteers.

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