Reaching the Peak!  ADI residents on Mount Hermon

In yet another annual trADItion, residents of ADI Moriah recently took a winter trip to Mount Hermon. The visit, in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Force Alpinist Unit, was led by Shimon Pariente, who takes it upon himself to pamper his special guests each year.

“Snow Cats,” special vehicles for snow transportation, awaited the residents upon their arrival at the skiing site, taking them to a warm, comfortable cabin, the base for the day’s fun-filled activities.  The residents enjoyed a full program: sledding, snow motorcycling – with the only snow motorcycle of its kind in Israel – and riding in dog-pulled snow sleds, an activity that they thoroughly enjoyed..

Everyone had a fantastic time, returning home at the end of the day satisfied and smiling.

A volunteer from the Alpinist Unit summed up the visit, “Their [the ADI residents’] smiles and happiness, the joy which we are able to impart to them, is what gives us strength for the entire year.”

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