Preparing for the Wounded: Opening a New Department

Physiotherapist treating a patient פיזיותרפיסטית מטפלת במטופל

The Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center at the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village, located under the jurisdiction of the Merhavim Regional Council, is making intense preparations to enable acceptance of many of the injured from the ongoing Swords of Iron war. With over 2,700 wounded, approximately 300 of whom are classified as severe or fatal, the rehabilitation hospital will provide all-inclusive medical and emotional support during the rehabilitation process.

Under the leadership of Dr. Zaki (Itzhak) Siev-Ner, the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center provides advanced medical and rehabilitation services of the highest level in two wards, neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation. Hospital staff includes experts in health-related fields such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, communication therapy, social workers and rehabilitation psychologists. Likewise, the Medical Center includes a hydrotherapy pool and rehabilitative gym. Over the past few days, in response to the many rehabilitative needs of individuals injured and wounded in the war, the hospital opened an additional department.

Avi Wortzman, CEO of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village stated that, “during this complex time, when the country is engrossed in the throes of war, we have opened a new department that will enable us to accept many of the wounded in need of rehabilitation. Our medical teams, ready with the latest in rehabilitative technological equipment, will partner with our dedicated caregiving staff to provide all-encompassing, professional rehabilitative care of the highest level.”

Dr. Zaki Siev-Ner, director of the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center, adds that, “as the largest rehabilitation medical center in the Negev, we identified an immediate need to open an additional department and prepare for admittance of war wounded, enabling them to receive proper care close to home. We are ready with the most advanced treatments available to help in the complex process of rehabilitation of injuries of various levels and severities.”

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