Preparations for ADI’s Magical Gala Dinner Underway

All cooks know that the fancier the food, the longer the prep time.

Chef Ilan Garussi, chef and owner of Satya Restaurant, and Janina Bar Hama, owner of the Olmaya Hall, already began their preparations for ADI’s Magical Gala Dinner by visiting ADI Jerusalem to become acquainted with ADI residents and gain some firsthand knowledge of ADI’s amazing educational and rehabilitation activity.

The two special guest toured the ADI Jerusalem facility, receiving in-depth explanations about therapy treatments and educational plans, meeting residents and, of course, taking a look at menus and food prep and distribution.

ADI’s Magical Gala Dinner, hosted by Jerusalem Friends of ADI, will take place on February 12 at the first class Olmaya Hall.

Chef Garussi will be joined by top chefs Moshiko Gamlieli and Yankele Turjeman, who, together with the Olmaya Hall, are donating their services to benefit the children of ADI.

Tickets to the Magical Gala Dinner can be ordered on-line at:

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