Preparation: The Key to Success – Welcoming the New School Year

Six months ago, COVID-19 took the world by surprise. In many places, life went on hold as people, organizations and institutes scrambled to find the fastest and safest way to function. ADI Jerusalem, dedicated as always, took the situation in stride, learning how to deal with the novel and dangerous virus while providing continual care to the immunocompromised residents for whom ADI is home.

Over the course of time, changes were made, modifications initiated and schedules re-organized as ADI’s stalwart staff learned the best and most efficient way to carry on while ensuring the safety and well-being of residents, students and staff, all the while aware that the new school year was fast approaching and solutions must be found.

Now, just days before the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, ADI Jerusalem sets the standard for forward thinking and timely preparation.

The familiar feelings of excitement that accompany the start of every new school year fill the hallways of ADI Jerusalem, together with fresh purchases to decorate the newly renovated classrooms, fabricated to enable socially-distanced learning under the safest possible conditions.

The Special Education School floor underwent alterations to allow simultaneous entrance of internal and external students. Plaster walls were erected and classrooms expanded to provide requisite space. The staff dining area, no longer in use as preventative health measures prohibit staff from taking meals together, was transformed into an individual therapy room and educational plans that include in-class teaching lessons as well as at-home kits for remote teaching were drawn up in advance, ready to be put into use if necessary.

Pre-school sessions, organized and arranged by Ahuvi Kaplan, Assistant Administrative Director, were held by ZOOM or in small capsule groups for teachers, therapists and assistants of both the special education school and ADI’s early intervention daycare center. Daycare staff invested much work into preparation of short instructional videos for parents in the event that children are required to remain at home.

Also in keeping with the present situation, annual training and guidance sessions held weekly throughout the year will focus on remote learning, empowering teachers with the tools necessary to prepare the best, most efficient and most effective lessons for long-distance teaching.

Though we sincerely hope and pray that the coronavirus will fade away and vanish in the nearest possible time allowing us to return to familiar routines and practices, ADI Jerusalem has taken all necessary steps to begin the new school year in the safest and securest way possible, adhering to the motto: Preparation is the key to success.

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