Post-Corona: Tnuva’s Annual Pre-Shavuot Visit to ADI Negev Endures

As COVID-19 hopefully seems to be running its course and instances of the dreadful virus have significantly declined in Israel, Corona-imposed restrictions are being eased-up and Israeli society is edging its way back to a semblance of routine.

A visit by Tnuva representatives to residents of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran prior to the holiday of Shavuot to gift residents with dairy products symbolizes the return to the pre-Corona lifestyle, even if in a smaller, limited way than past years.

In a participant-regulated visit complete with facemasks (lowered with permission as the small group was in an open area!), Tnuva employees Aliza Ben David, mother of village resident Ayala, and Anat Yisrael, brought an assortment of delicious dairy products to be distributed to village residents. Residents of Ayala’s house represented the village at the outdoor meeting.

Chagit, sister of village resident Ronan Refael Chen, also surprised village residents with another pampering gift of delectable dairy products for the upcoming holiday.

Let’s hope that this first small visit is only the first in many more to come!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Shavuot.

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