Costa Rican painter Ana Wien, an ADI supporter, has exhibited her works of art in the United States, France, Denmark, Guatemala, and Panama, and many of her paintings are part of private collections around the world. After her parents passed away, Ana decided to develop a new collection of paintings that would focus on adding life and color to restored photographs of Holocaust survivors.

These exceptional paintings were shown in both the Jewish Synagogue and National Gallery in San Jose, Costa Rica, before being exhibited at the Jewish Community Center there for four years. Once the paintings were returned to Ana, she decided to offer them to the families of the Holocaust survivors in the photos for well below their asking price and donate the proceeds to ADI.

Ana sold 4 of the paintings for $1,500 each, and she and her husband, Max Lang, donated the full $6,000 to ADI. We are so thankful to them for this incredibly generous, meaningful and creative act of philanthropy!

(Pictured: Costa Rican painter Ana Wien with her granddaughter, Sharon Lang; her brother, Abraham, and sisters, Miriam and Sara; and her husband, Max Lang.)

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