“People Like This are Our Hope for the Future”

קבוצת אנשים יושבים במעגל מקשיבים למנחה Group sitting in semi-circle listening to a speaker

As part of their mission to integrate child development and pediatrics in the community in pediatric residents’ study programs, physicians and board members from Goshen, the Association for Community Child Health and Wellbeing, made their way to Jerusalem for a close-up look at ADI’s child development programs.

Instigated by ADI physiotherapist Noa Lit, the main goal of the visit was to impress upon the visiting pediatric resident physicians the importance of professional, emotional and community support for families dealing with the unique challenges inherent in bringing up a child with disabilities and formulate a cooperative relationship between Goshen and the ADI Child Development Center.

Goshen representatives were treated to a comprehensive tour of ADI by staff social worker Esti, and were able to view the high-level professional care provided to all ADI residents. The visit fostered positive feelings and hope to have more Goshen groups visit ADI in the future for the benefit of families and community involvement.

Subsequent to the visit, Doron Dushnitzky, member of the Goshen Board, commented on his FB page that during his visit to ADI he saw, “a team that is all giving and dedication professionally taking care of toddlers with disabilities . . .People like this are our hope for the future.”

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