Parental Praise: ADI’s ‘Ark’ of Empathy

“As the Coronavirus casts a dark shadow, threatening the whole world, there is one unique place where the most vulnerable among us feel safe and secure: ADI. Their team of caretakers give each resident the personal attention he or she needs, rADIating love, compassion and empathy at the highest levels. They also make sure that the residents remain connected with their parents – and that the parents stay fully informed – sending pictures of every smile, arranging video conferencing, and calling just to reassure the parents that their children are happy and everything is calm.

I am so grateful for everything that ADI is doing in this unusual situation, closing off the ‘ark’ to create a sterile environment, but keeping the skylight open to send out doves of solace and inspiration until it is certain that the ‘waters have receded.’ Thank you all for who you are and what you do for us parents! I bless you and send you my greatest love and appreciation.”

–Yael Mazaki, mother of Yochai, a resident of ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem

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