Against All Odds: ADI Harnesses Hard Work to Achieve Rehab Miracles

After being bitten by a mosquito, 34 year-old Lor, became ill with West Nile virus. During her first medical assessment, the doctor explained that the virus had ravaged her body, and she would most likely never walk or eat on her own again. Lor, a strong and independent woman and the devoted mother of a two year-old, vowed to prove him wrong.

Following several months of hospitalization at Soroka Hospital, where she was fully reliant on a respirator, Lor returned home. She immediately began outpatient rehabilitation treatment at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and occupational therapy.  A resident of Beer Sheva, she was grateful to find a facility that offered all of the treatments needed in one place and close to home. She is also thrilled with the attentiveness of ADI’s dedicated professional staff.

Today, after months of hard work, Lor is taking back her life, reaching milestones previously deemed impossible.  “Despite the initial negative prognoses, I fought for my daughter, so that I would be able to hold her in my arms and feed her,” said Lor. In addition to caring for her daughter once again, Lor is now able to get up from a chair on her own. She is now focusing on walking, and the ADI staff is confident that with continued hard work she is sure to reach her goal.

For Lor, independence is just a few steps away, and ADI will help her get there.

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