Noam Elimelech at ADI Jerusalem

ילדים בכסאות גלגלים משחקים עם רובעי מים Boys in wheelchairs playing with water guns

Following in the path of his namesake, young Noam Elimelech looks beyond the physical, focusing on the goodness and inner soul of each being.

After hearing so much about the residents of ADI Jerusalem from his aunt, Tehilla Bar Meir, a second-year National Service volunteer at ADI, Noam decided to mark his 9th birthday with a special celebration together with ADI residents. Together with his mother, brother and aunt, Noam planned the party down to the last detail, personally raising the funds necessary to fashion the kind of fun, fulfilling experience that ADI residents would enjoy and remember.

After creating multi-colored tie-dyed tee shirts, residents moved outside for some cool water fun. Next on the list, everyone created their own fresh-fruit skewers, enjoying grapes, melon and other seasonable treats. Finally, Noam brought out the mandatory birthday party delight – an assortment of ice creams – and each resident ended the day with a taste of their favorite flavor.

Happy birthday, Noam. We wish you many more years of involvement and commitment, in which you bring happiness and joy to others.

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